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    Which Graphics are Univariate and which Multivariate

    Desislav Savov



      As I understood, Univariate Graphics are where measurement is made on one variable and Multivariate Graphics are where measurement is made on many variables. Is a variable and a column field from Excel table the same?


      I have attached three graphics. Graphic 1, I think, is multivariate map, as I am displaying the stadiums and using the size attribute I am distinguishing the total arrests among the football clubs and with color, I am showing in which league they play. I have read that If two or more attributes are used, this means that it is multivariate approach.


      Graphic 2 is a multi line chart. As I am using different type of offences for the x-axis and with the lines I am showing the different leagues. Does it mean, when I am using the different type of offences(which are different fields from the excel table) and the "league" field, is a multivariate graphic?


      Graphic 3 is a bar plot. I am using two fields from excel table for home/away arrests for each league. Therefore, it should be again multivariate graphic?


      Can you tell me what I have understood or did wrong about univariate and multivariate graphics?