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    Email Bursting

    Sai Kiran

      Hi Everyone,


      My client requested for email bursting and I have no idea how to go about it.

      It would be a great if any of you can help me with the procedure or share any reference material or links.


      Thank You,


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          Bill Lyons

          I'm not clear what you mean by "bursting." Tableau server will send all subscriptions at once according to the subscription schedule, so if there is a large number of subscribers, this could be considered a "burst."


          However, I'm guessing you mean something like the posted idea Report Push and Scheduling, which you may want to vote-up.


          You may also want to read way down in that thread where two things are mentioned. First, there is a "skunkworks" project called VizAlerts. That may give you the functionality you are looking for. Second, a Tableau manager posted that there is a project underway which will turn VizAlerts into part of the Tableau product, which is something many of us are looking forward to.


          I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I hope this helps.

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            Jeff D

            Hello Sai, I met a company at the Tableau Conference that offers a solution for mail bursting:  Push Intelligence for Tableau - Metric Insights .  Perhaps they have something you can use.

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              Matt Coles

              Just to make sure people don't get the wrong idea--VizAlerts in and of itself isn't getting integrated into Tableau. Rather, the need for improvements in subscriptions, and conditional alerts is being tackled at the product level. What that solution will look like isn't yet known or shareable. But to be clear, I fully expect that VizAlerts will contain more functionality than we integrate into the Server product for some time to come.

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