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    Tableau server Backup


      Hi Can u suggest me how to do backup and backup scedual in external hard drive or in Sandboxie,i know about tabadmin backup commend but if u guide me so its really big help for me.


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          Derrick Austin

          Hey Kartikkumar,


          You simply need to run the tabadmin command from a .bat file (Or Powershell) on a set schedule.


          tabadmin backup [FilenameAndPathHere]


          With a little scripting, you can also do date formatting in this script to add multiple files and remove old files.

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            Jeff Strauss

            This is how we do it:

            Step 1: We delete the previous night backup.

            del G:\TableauBackup\*.tsbak /Q


            Step 2: Backup atomoic command on primary server.  By adding the -d flad, it appends the date so that it looks like this.  tableau_backup-2016-03-11.tsbak

            tabadmin backup G:\TableauBackup\tableau_backup.tsbak -d



            Step 3: The G drive is a drive on our server, but then for DR we copy it via ROBOCOPY.

            ROBOCOPY /NP G:\TableauBackup \\xxxx.int\tableaubackup\ORD-INSIGHTS_cluster *.tsbak

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              Brian Coggon

              Hi Kartikkumar,


              It looks like Derrick and Jeff were able to help you with your question!


              Is there anything else we can help with via this thread?




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                Toby Erkson

                Here's a batch script I made.  You will need to change the sPath variable (line 6) to your server location that the backup file will be saved to.  We have applications stored on the D: drive, OS on the C: drive, for our VM servers.

                @ECHO OFF
                REM QA
                REM  by Toby Erkson, April 2015
                REM  Adapted from http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/server-maintenance
                REM  No inputs required.
                SET sPath=\\backupServer\tableau
                SET sLogPath=D:\Application\Tableau\Scripts\script_logs
                SET sLogFileName=backup.log
                SET dDate=%DATE:/=%
                ECHO. >> %sLogPath%\%sLogFileName% 2>&1 
                ECHO ----- BEGIN Daily %dDate:~-4%-%dDate:~4,2%-%dDate:~6,2% %TIME% ----- >> %sLogPath%\%sLogFileName% 2>&1 
                ECHO Backing up Tableau Server...
                ECHO Backing up Tableau Server... >> %sLogPath%\%sLogFileName% 2>&1
                tabadmin backup %sPath%\daily_backup_PROD_%dDate:~-4%-%dDate:~4,2%-%dDate:~6,2%.tsbak >> %sLogPath%\%sLogFileName% 2>&1
                SET /a EL=%ERRORLEVEL%
                IF %EL% EQU 0 GOTO Success
                    ECHO Backup failed.
                    ECHO Error number: %EL%
                    ECHO Backup failed. >> %sLogPath%\%sLogFileName% 2>&1
                    ECHO Error number: %EL% >> %sLogPath%\%sLogFileName% 2>&1
                    GOTO End
                    ECHO Backup succeeded.
                    ECHO Backup file saved to in directory %sPath%
                    ECHO File name is daily_backup_PROD
                    ECHO Backup succeeded. >> %sLogPath%\%sLogFileName% 2>&1
                    ECHO Backup file saved to in directory %sPath% >> %sLogPath%\%sLogFileName% 2>&1
                    ECHO File name is daily_backup_PROD.tsbak >> %sLogPath%\%sLogFileName% 2>&1
                REM Remove the two below REMs if running manually so you can see the output.
                REM ECHO -- Pause --
                REM PAUSE
                ECHO Backup operation finished.
                ECHO ----- END Daily %dDate:~-4%-%dDate:~4,2%-%dDate:~6,2% %TIME% ----- >> %sLogPath%\%sLogFileName% 2>&1
                REM The /b will return our error level
                EXIT /b %EL%


                You will need to set up your Windows Task Scheduler to have it execute the batch script whenever.  Here's when ours fires off:

                Naturally you will need to have a process to delete old files.  When the backup is 3 days old (or older) it gets deleted.  For our PROD server the period is 5 days.

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                  could you help me out for task scheduler i mean to say how to add schedule in task

                  thanks a lot for help

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                    Derrick Austin

                    It's built into the Windows OS.

                    Schedule a task - Windows Help


                    Start -> Search -> Task Scheduler

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