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    Academic Year as Multi-value Slider

    Stacy Connolly

      I want to do a date slider for non-standard date fields. Tableau makes 2001-2002 and Fall 2001 a string. I converted the dimensions to continuous measures and try to make them range values so the user can choose multiple Academic Years or multiple Fall <Year>s without having to check and uncheck them, but only get Null.


      The closest I got: I made a calculated field to convert the string to digits -- IF [Academic Year]="2001-2002" THEN 1 ELSEIF [Academic Year]="2002-2003" THEN 2 END -- and I got a slider, but now I need to have the strings be an alias for the digits, because the slider is from values 1 to 2 not 2001-2002 to 2002-2003.

      Can I put aliases on the slider, or is there a better way to make a calculated field that will convert the string to a continuous field for the range but will still show the string values?


      Using Tableau 9.something