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    Using a custom date selector - it defaults to calendar year quarter and not fiscal quarter

    Ronda Ficklin

      This is the second time posting this question as it was marked resolved.

      I have a 2 fold issue.

      I have created a line chart that I needed to control easily to reflect activity over time (quarter, month, week).

      I would love to use the built in hierarchy, but you can not easily drill back up to year from quarter.


      To resolve this problem, I created a customer parameter with Quarter, Month, Week.


      Here is my parameter formula:

      CASE[Select a Timeline], WHEN 'Quarter' THEN [Quarter], WHEN 'Month' THEN [Month], WHEN 'Week' THEN [Week] End. I also created a calculated field I call Date Selector.

      Finally, I created custom dates (detail Quarters, Months, Week Numbers).

      That all works GREAT.


      Problem 1:

      Now, the x axis on the chart is my problem. Right now it is Month, Year.

      My Fiscal year begins in August (my Default Properties, Fiscal Year start is set to August).


      When I change the X axis to QQQ YYYY MMM, the quarter defaults to a calendar year value (August is Q3, 2015) instead of my fiscal year (August is Q1, FY 2016).


      I am sure there is some way to create a calculated field to help resolve this issue, but I haven't come across a solution for this yet.


      Problem 2:

      As you make different selections (Quarter, Month or Week), the x axis doesn't change. I have to pick one format and that is what remains on the chart as you make various selections. This is confusing to the end user. Is there a way to make this dynamic?


      Attached is the chart. Can someone assist?