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    Displaying value labels in a table

    Jessica Schuett


      I'm a novice Tableau user just getting my feet wet learning how to best visualize survey data in Tableau. Here's my dilemma: I need to display responses to survey items with various scales/value labels. That is, I have several tables displaying frequencies of responses to multiple-choice items, and other tables displaying means & SDs of responses to Likert-type items, so each item has its own set of response options coded anywhere from 0-20. For example, 1 = "strongly disagree" in a Likert-type item, whereas 1 = "yes" in another item.


      As far as I am aware, I cannot use the "edit alias" option to rename the value codes, since this will change the display of all values of "1" for all tables created with the data set. However, I'd still like to find a way to display the value labels adjacent to the tables. Right now, the only work around I've come up with is to add value labels in the caption, as shown below:


      Ideally, I'd like to be able to add the value labels directly into the table, either above or below the value codes, to minimize the amount of work the eye needs to do to find the needed information (I don't want to replace the value codes altogether; I'd like to keep them in the table as well). I'm also hoping for a solution that won't take a great deal of effort to replicate (although time & effort on the front end is OK), since I have hundreds of different survey items that I need to create tables for. Does anyone have any solutions or ideas for adding value labels to a table?


      Thank you!


      PS: I'm also open to ideas on how to better visualize multiple choice survey data; I'm already using Steve Wexler's combo of bars and circles to display Likert-type data, but I haven't come up with anything as pretty for nominal data.