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    Customize Regions in Map

    Hema R R

      Hi All,


      I have created a filled map where regions are created by grouping specific countries and adding the group to colour. Eg: North America region will be in one colour and Latin America region will be in different colour. Also, the values displayed in tooltip are aggregated values for that region. This sounds perfect! But my problem is when I click on a region say North America, I get details of all the countries tagged to that region on a table. The region which I click is always highlighted as countries in that region. I want the entire region border (say entire North America with aggregated value) to be highlighted, not the same aggregated values for each country within that region; on hovering or by clicking. I have edited map layers to hide all the country borders and to show the entire region in one colour, but still on hovering the country borders are only highlighted. Please help me with this issue. I am using Tableau 9.2. Thank you so much!