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    How can I pass a filter value using tabcmd without impacting all worksheets used in the dashboard?

    Jeffrey Jacob

      I am exporting a dashboard view to pdf using the tabcmd function.  As part of the command, I pass a filter name and corresponding filter value.


      The dashboard is intended to display the performance of a specific territory as well as comparing it to the "gold standard" territory.  Of the 5 worksheets which comprise the dashboard, four are linked to the Territory filter on the dashboard and set to the Territory of interest (filter value - Terr13).  One worksheet uses the same Territory filter but is independently set to the "gold standard" territory (GS001) - it is NOT linked to the Territory filter on the dashboard.


      When I pass a Territory of interest as the filter value (Terr13) via tabcmd, it applies the filter to all worksheets, even if it was not linked to the actual filter used in the dashboard.


      The dashboards on Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server work perfectly fine - they leave the "gold standard" territory information in place and only change the worksheets linked to the dashboard filter.  The exported pdf, however, has the filter passed in the tabcmd command applied to all worksheets.


      Is there a way to control this?