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    Transposed View



      I have like 20 quick filters on dashboard with flags Y/N/All and other types as options for users selection.

      But making user select these many filters doesn't look a smooth one.


      Any chance to have most of the filters added to column shelf itself with its breakdown 1 beneath other (Not side by side). I have text table based output and have measure names in rows already.


      Sample output attached


      Please help!

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          Hi JayC,


          Have you tried our "Transpose" option or is it more complex than this?


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            Joe Oppelt

            I'm not clear what you are asking.


            You stated that making the user set so many filters is not smooth.  But if your viz requires those filters to be set, I don't see a way around that.


            You can position your filters any place you want by floating the individual filters and dragging them to wherever you want on your dashboard.  If that's what you are asking, I can help you with that.