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    How to show Totals from a calculated discrete measure ?

    Joe Lischynski

      I have a report where I need to count totals (in a much bigger picture than the sample below shows) of who started each block set of trades, based on a calculation that each block contains trades which are at most 36 hours apart.


      So in the first screen shot, we see that there are 3 actual Blocks of trades  (where a trade is part of the block if it is within 36 hours of the trade before it, or it is a different ISIN).  We also see that JOE started 1 block, and BOB started the other 2.  So I would like to show a totals sheet where BOB = 2 and JOE = 1.


      Here are the two calc fields in question:


      But, Tableau will not let me do any further calcs on the 'StartOfBlock' field above since it is already being done on the fly within the sheet.



      So my question is - how would I be able to create a new summary sheet from this to have Tableau show the following:

      (my input (ISIN, Ord_Entry_Time, Advisor) is a live SQL Server database, so calculating the StartOfBlock field ahead of time in the database itself isn't really an option - or is it the only option?)


      Advisor          BlockStarts

      ----------            ---------------

      BOB                      2

      JOE                       1