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    Dates in Tableau

    Julia Hennelly

      Have checked forum articles and have no clue why my date functions are not working as I would expect.  Thinking I may need to do the date conversion in SQL.  I have an integer field that contains the order date.  I have tried DATEPARSE and DATE as shown below:


      DATEPARSE("YYYYmmdd", str([Order Received Date Key])).  This gives VERY strange results such as converting 20150325 into 1/25/2015 with minutes of the time portion set to the month???


      I also have tried the DATE function as shown below and this returns null.


      date('"' + MID(str([Order Received Date Key]),5,2)+'/'+

      RIGHT(str([Order Received Date Key]),2) +

      left(str([Order Received Date Key]),4) + '"'



      without the date function it returns "mm/dd/yyyy" so I would expect the date function to work.


      I am attaching a workbook and would appreciate best practice in dealing with converting to dates - should this be done in SQL or can Tableau handle it.  Why am I getting the unexpected (at least from me) results.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Corey Jones

          Hi Julia,


          I believe the DATEPARSE function will work if you change the months in the format part of the equation to a capital "M".  I am not sure why this is giving you an issue-- maybe someone else who understands date formats better can chime in? 


          I noticed on this page about the function all the times months was used it was a capital M. 

          Understanding the DATEPARSE Function | Tableau Software


          I downloaded your workbook and it works for me. Please let me know if you have any questions.

          My calculated field is: DATEPARSE("yyyyMMdd", str([Order Received Date Key])).




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            Julia Hennelly

            That makes sense now I look at it as the small m was being interpreted as minutes hence the month showing in the minutes.  Weird but at least logical to some extent.


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              Ashish Chaudhari

              Hi Julia,


              Please find the formula that I have used to solve your problem.


              MAKEDATE(INT(LEFT([Order Received Date Key],4)),

              INT(MID([Order Received Date Key],5,2)),

              INT(RIGHT([Order Received Date Key],2)))


              Make date takes the input as the in year, month, date format.


              Please refer to the below screenshot.



              I hope this would help you. Let me know if you still have any questions about this.


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              Ashish Chaudhari.

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