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    problem with if statement


      I am trying to run this statment and its giving me error :



      IF [Site ]='TTC'

      then SUM([NET_revenue])/2500

      ELSEIF [Site ]='Bay'

      THEN SUM([NET_WIN])/450


      Error:Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate etc etc


      i went through various blogs to find solution and as per them the solution is to add ATTR in front of site.

      However this doesnt work.


      I get no values displayed. how do i correct it..?


      Little bit background to the problem:


      I have 10 sites. for each site I want to calculate the revenue per day per people in that location.

      so supposing for site 1 ie TTC for Day1  , revenue = 1.5M and people are 256

      so my calculation for day1 should be 1.5 M/256

      Day 2 : revenue = 2.1M and people will also be same for each location

      so my calculation for day2 should be 2.1 M/256



      I am trying to build this query..

      Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate