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    Help with a Table Calc

    Katy Stepney



      I've looked into a few posts and education topics on the LOOKUP() function, and I'm not sure exactly if that is what will help me here, but I've been staring at this for over a week now, so I thought I would post. Here is what i would like to do:


      I have a data set of User ID's and the Application Versions that they have logged into over a period of time. (my attached files are simplified for sharing and security). I would like to create a field that determines when a user has a row in the table that indicates they are using both version 1 and version 3 (for instance- this is the case for ID "ABCD").


      The problem i am facing, is that lookup tends to refer back to a specific column-->value rather than a column-->Value-->Count. How can i refer to the count of the values under the Version column?




      Appreciate any help and advice!!