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    AS400 iSeries 7.1 with a DB2 10.5 ODBC-based driver -

    Christopher McKinnish

      We are connecting to an AS400 iSeries 7.1 with a DB2 10.5 ODBC-based driver.   We can connect live and pull in data.  We can extract data.  We can join tables.  We can add filters to work sheets, etc.


      The two things we cannot do are:


      • Put a filter on a Data source Directly.  When we do this, the query occurs and the connection either times-out or returns a record lock.
        • The Time Out error message is:  CLI0125E Function sequence error.SQLSTATE=HY010. 
          • We are lock with AS400 users.
        • The record lock error is:  SQL0913N Unsuccessful execution caused by deadlock or time out.  SQLSTATE=57033
      • Use Custom SQL.  The symptoms are the same as the filter problem above


      We have tried customer and dirrent TDC Settings


      Anyone have any suggestions?  (yes...we have a case issued with IBM to see if they can provide some solutions)


      Thank you very much for your time!!!!