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    Need to Display only One customer

    ChandraSheker A

      Hi everyone

      above is the data looks like, i have not merged.


      1. customer can be associated to more than 1 Office. ex: fitness llc is associated to 2 offices with different dates. similary Healthcare is associated with 2 offices with different dates.etc.


      my question is:

      I want to only see the customers with Max date and its office.


                                     Fitness llc   -   B Funds dba asap business loans  ------1/29/15

      I dont want to see   Fitness llc -- A merchant solutions---- 3/29/12   ( because the date here is older than above date)



      so according to my data:   I want to filter the Office in filter shelf and see the customers who are in         Office- A merchant solutions    


            So i want to see customers like                  Transport service INC                   because date is Max than other offices to which that customer belong to.

            i dont want to consider                                 Fitness LLC              even though it is associated to  Office- A merchant solutions   but the date for that customer is older than other office- B Funds dba asap....which the customer is associated.  


      If i am not clear please let me know.

      i am attaching sample data.