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    Average of Table Calculation

    Jay Zen



      I'm currently calculating a year-on-year change between two values using the following formula:


      IF NOT ISNULL(SUM([Value]))

      THEN (ZN(SUM([Value])) - LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Value])), -1)) / LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Value])), -1)



      This produces the correct result (going across the table). However, no matter what I try (whether using totals or other calculations), I cannot seem to get a correct average of all of the resulting outcomes.


      Tableau either calculates nothing, or first calculates an average of [Value] for each year, which it then calculates a year-on-year change on. What I want is an average of just the percentages that result from the above calculation for each entry in my data.


      Thanks for your help,