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    Grand total of top 10

    Vinayan R

      I am working on Tableau where I have to find the Grand Total of only Top 10 Parents.


      I have a Real Estate DB with fields as Parent Name,monthly rent,annual rent per sq. feet,Square feet,etc.

      I have to calculate

      1)the Annual Rent("Current ABR") using annual rent per sq. feet x unit square feet.

      2) %ABR : Current ABR/Total ABR(Current ABR). Note: The %ABR is calculated on Total ABR of all Parents(I have approx 560 parents)

      My worksheet in tableau looks like this:

      Top 10 - 1.jpg

      How I have brought the Top 10 Parents is I have used the Index() method of tableau and given the index to all the tenants based on “Current ABR” descending sort. Now, I am using this index as a filter and showing the top 10 Parents which is giving the correct list and %ABR calculation is correct. But, when using “Grand Total”, it shows the total(Current & %ABR) of all the tenants rather than just the Top 10.

      Also, the traditional method to filter the parent name “Top 10 by Sum of Monthly Rent” gives 2 issues where top 10 tenants are different and the %ABR calculation gives wrong result as it is calculated table down.

      I need to find the Grand Total of ABR and %ABR of only Top 10 Parents(Tenants).