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    Synhronize users in 2 local groups

    Alexander Vasilevskii

      I have 2 identical LOCAL groups on 2 different sites: MyGroup on FirstSite and MyGroup on SecondSite.
      MyGroup on FirstSite must be model (etalon) for MyGroup on SecondSite (if user deletes from MyGroup on FirstSite - it must be deleted from MyGroup on SecondSite etc..)
      How can i do this programmly (tadcmd, restAPI)?

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          Russell Christopher

          You could certainly use the REST API to make the actual changes, to your second site...but there is no automagic detection of "change" to your group on FirstSite. So you'd have to manage the change tracking yourself.


          Is there any reason why you are using sites the way you are? Typically a user can get into FirstSite, but not SecondSite - the fact that your users/groups are exactly the same makes me wonder if you should combine these sites and use Projects to do your security...

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