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    How to pass month name in the URL for filtering


      Hi I have a quick filter labelled as MONTH but the real field name is POLL TIME. This quick filter shows the month as December 2015, January 2016, etc.


      When I tried giving the value while doing the URL dynamic filtering as http://link?Month=January 2016 nothing is happening.


      Any reasons please

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          Dustin Wyers

          There are special considerations for Date Filtering.


          I did a quick mockup where I have a datasource where my data has two rows January 2016 and February 2016.

          If I want to URL filter to only January, the URL looks like this: views/Book1/Sheet1?Date=2016-01-01


          Here is my quick filter in my dashboard for reference based on your description.



          Here are the special instructions.

          You can also click the link below to find it as well.


          Filter Views using URL Parameters | Tableau Software


          Special considerations for date filtering

          When you want to filter date fields, take into account how dates are formatted and behave in a database environment:

          • Date (and time) values passed via URL parameter need to match the following Tableau default format:yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
          • Many databases store dates as datetime values, so you may need to include a time part in the value you provide in the parameter.The time part is based on a 24 hour clock, so 10:18 pm is specified as 22:18:00.

          Example Date parameters

          The following example query strings use a date field called Order Date. As in the previous examples of this article, you would add these to the base URL of your view.

          • If the Order Date field type includes only the date (with no time of day), and you want to show data only for July 8, 2015, the query string would look something like this:?Order%20Date=2015-07-08
          • If Order Date includes the time part, to filter on July 8, 2015 at 10:18 pm, the query string might look like this:?Order%20Date=2015-07-08%2022:18:00
          • If Order Date is only the date, and you want to filter on multiple dates, you would use commas, as described earlier in this article. For example:?Order%20Date=2015-07-08,2015-07-09,2015-07-10,2011-07-11

          Parameters as DATEPART filters

          To filter by date part, use the same nomenclature as in the default Tableau Desktop date hierarchy. For more information, see Date Functionsin the Tableau Desktop Help.



          quarter(Order%20Date)Integer between 1 and 4
          month(Order%20Date)Integer between 1 and 12
          day(Order%20Date)Integer between 1 and 31
          hour(Order%20Date)Integer 0–23
          minute(Order%20Date)Integer 0–59
          second(Order%20Date)Integer 0–59
          week(Order%20Date)Integer 1–53
          my(Order%20Date)Six-digit integer: YYYYMM
          mdy(Order%20Date)Eight-digit integer: YYYYMMDD
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