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    Hide multiple lables

    Dixon Kavanaugh



      We would like to create calculated field to only show one mark label without any other information when the "All" location is filtered. We've tried a few ways but can't seem to get it correct.





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          Dixon Kavanaugh

          Were trying something along these lines:


          IF (All([Locations]))THEN(Label([Source])) "Never Show" End

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            Tharashasank Davuluru

            Hi ,


            To add context to your views, you can show mark labels.

            To show or hide mark labels:

            • Click Label on the Marks card, and then select Show mark labels.



            If you want to use a calculation field. Iam trying this on sample superstore data. follow the steps and do it on your data set.

            Drag and drop profit into rows and quantity into columns

            Drag state into color,city into shapes, customer name into detail.

            also put all these fields state , city, customer name into labels.


            After this  Create a parameter named:

            Then show parameter control.


            After this Create a calculated filed like this:


            After creating this  drop this calculated field into labels and remove the other fields which are in labels.


            Now you change the parameter and check whether the desired output is coming or not.

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              Dixon Kavanaugh

              Thanks for the information. We actually found that a button had been added to labels. When that was removed all was well.