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    Webdata Connector - User Concurrency/ Dynamic extract refresh




      I am new to this connector and tableau overall and i am trying to make sense out of the webdata connector documentation. So please bear with my naivete.


      High Level Scenario: We have been advised to pull data from an internal rest api built by our IT team and make the visualizations in Tableau available for our business team.


      Proposed Solution: I think (emphasize "think"), i can use the web connector for this purpose and solve the requirement. Let's hypothetically say i have the javascript going and call the api, which builds an extract and i design my workbook and publish it to the server. So, in working It will fetch the data from the api and land the data into the extract and my workbook will reference that extract. So far so good. Now i want this extract to be dynamic based on the user's parameters and i have few questions around this.



      How does this work when i have concurrent users logged into tableau server who would like to submit their own parameters which might be different from the original parameters with which i published it?

      How do i make this extract local to the session that the user is in and may be drop or keep it till the user is done with their analysis?


      Do i have to plan my code/design in such a way that..Each time, the workbook/api is called it will build an extract with a unique identifier @ run time and may be set up administrative tasks to clean up extracts and/or allow users to drop the extracts which are no longer required?


      Any help/insight with this would be great. I haven't built anything yet, all i am trying to do is to do a feasibility study of this proposed solution. I am open to other/better solutions and i am trying to learn more about this beautiful product.




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          Brendan Lee

          Unfortunately, the functionality you are looking for doesn't exist in the web data connector platform.  There isn't currently any way to change the extract data dynamically based on user.  This is a great feature request though.  I would encourage you to make a post in the Ideas forum (this is where other users can vote on features that they also need).  This helps us figure out the common pain points of the community.


          Right now, the only workaround is to have one data source per user.  For example, each of your users could create a web data connector with their own credentials, and they would then get a custom extract that they could interact with and publish up to Server.  You could of course create the data sources for them as well.


          Let me know if you have any questions about this approach.  And thank you for the feedback! It is very appreciated and helpful.





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            Thanks Brendan, appreciate the response and feedback.


            The workaround that you suggested will not scale with our client base.