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    "Extract will include all data" - SQL Server Data Extract

    Haymi Gulersen

      Hi to all,


      This question aims to double-check an important concept. I am trying to create a very large data extract from SQL Server; however, since the data is too much I want to hide the fields that I won't be using during reporting.


      The thing is, even if I "hide" the fields I do not intend to use before creating the extract, the message on the top still says "extract will include all data".


      Say I have 30 fields and I hid 20 of them before creating the extract;


      • Will it physically add the 10 fields I want to the extract and leave the other 10 out?
      • If I create the extract with 10 fields and then change my mind to add 2 fields more; will I have to create the extract from scratch?


      Thanks in advance.