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    Combining Multiple Binary Filters into a Single Filter Card

    Blake Holman

      Let me start by describing my dataset. I'm working with a bunch of bibliographic records. Each book has a paper type, and some books are made of multiple types of paper. I can easily make a column for each type of paper. My goal is to make a filter that allows me to find the number of records for each paper.
      For example, Book A has the following papers: Japanese Vellum, Cream Colored. Book B has the following papers: Cream Colored, Hosho. I can make binary-valued columns for each type of paper, for example, a Paper_Hosho column would read "Yes" for Book B, and null for Book A.  When I make filters, I end up with something like:

      But I want something like

      How can I combine multiple filters into one card?

      I'm new to Tableau, so go easy on me. I'm grateful for your help!