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    Action filters in tableau

    Somok Sarkar

      Hello Folks,


      I have some requirements in tableau which I tried to replicate in a file. By looking at the issue I tried to achieve the requirement by using action filters however I couldn't complete it. Hence I am posting the anonymous data.


      1. Dashboard shows the Region Snapshot and the Distributor snapshot. User initially wants to keep the distributor snapshot as hidden. If we click on any of the region of the bar chart then the corresponding bar for distributor should appear. When All the regions are selected then the distributor sheet should be hidden.

      2. When the user click on any region bar on the dashboard 2 that should redirect to the appropriate dashboard.

      Eg : dashboard 2 -> Sheet 1 -> Region - East ---------------------- This should redirect the user to the East Dashboard.

             dashboard 2 -> Sheet 1 -> Region - North ---------------------- This should redirect the user to the North Dashboard.