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    Compare aggregate of current month values with previous month

    Praveen Athanki

      Hello Everyone,

      I am trying to move data in Excel file into Tableau to create dashboards. The raw data has business rule id, number of failures and the date the business rules were executed. The result set is expected to have business rule id, month, cumulative failures for that rule id in that month and most importantly a status which is one of the following: new, existing and passed. If there are 0 failures, then it is passed. If rule had failures in the last month as well, then it is existing, else it is new


      I tried using calculated fields, lookup and sumif but I am unable to get the result set.


      Attached is the ms excel file with sample raw data and corresponding result set


      Can you try getting the result set in Tableau? Any help is hugely appreciated


      Thanks in advance,