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    Large Data Set Performance Issue : {Fixed Dim 1, Dim 2.... Dim n:Sum(Measure)} vs DIM1 , DIM 2 , DIM 3 as Context Filters

    Chandra Shekhar Jain

      I work on a large Data Set : 6 Billion plus rows using Live Connections.


      Created a worksheet using Aggregate Binning. I understand this can be done using only Fixed. Please let me know if I am wrong. (Include does not create a dimesnsion that can be used as a Bin)


      All filters (about 10 of them) should be applicable to this Viz. So I have converted all the filters to Context Filters.

      The time it takes now is phenomenon. 12 minutes.


      The question


      From a performance perspective which is better


      Using 10 Context Filters




      Using {Fixed Dim 1, Dim 2 ... Dim N

      and No Context Filters.


      (I am assuming both would give the same results but I have yet to verify it)




      Is there a hybrid way (Some Context and Some in the Fixed Formula)


      I guess there is no right or wrong but any indication on how to measure performance will also help.


      Some Info - Not all the filters would reduce the size of the data to 1/10th. This is a general guideline given by Tableau while deciding to use Context Filters.}

      Patrick A Van Der Hyde