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    SQL and Excel as data source

    ram munigala

      Hi Community,


      I created a workbook which connects to SQL and Excel ( Shared path UNC mentioned while loading data) with a Live connection, Sheet 1 (report based on SQL source), Sheet 2 (Report based on Excel). There is no common data in both of them.


      I published the workbook. But when i delete the excel file from the shared location, the data is still showing in the report( accessed online). My question is


      1. when we have a live connection, do i have to publish both workbook and data source, or only workbook is enough

      2. I tried publishing the data source separately (Data source --> Publish to server) as well, but when i go to data sources tab and click on the data source ( i thought all the workbooks which are connected to this data source should be shown here)  its showing

      could anyone please clarify me on this.

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          Jeff Strauss

          when you publish desktop files such as .txt, .csv, .xls, .mdb, by default Tableau takes a snapshot of the data and uploads it to server.  And it ignores the live connection.  In order to pay attention to the live connection, you should uncheck "include external files" when publishing.



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            Brian Coggon

            Hi Ram –


            When you publish a workbook, Tableau takes a “snap shot” of the data and embeds the data into the Packaged Workbook (.twbx ).  Deleting the excel file from the shared location will make no difference because the published workbook is using the data published as part of the .twbx .


            Q1 response... If you want a live connection to a published data source you will have to publish both the workbook and the data source and link to the published data source from the desktop.  You will know you are connected to the published data source as you will see this icon   in the Data Pane in the workbook.  The following help file will step you through the process:



            Q2 response… Once you have connected to the data source that is already published to the server, you will need to publish the workbook.  Next select the “Data Sources” on the server this will yield the connected workbooks. 


            Ultimately published data sources are independent of the workbook until you connect them. Additionally, your workbooks in Desktop can be connected to local data files or server data OR published data sources.  Using these different data connections within a workbook can be accomplished by using Tableaus “Replace Data Source”.   The following tutorial provides a great resource for how and why to do this…



            Hope this is helpful…




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