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    An Urgent Question -- How to insert alternative columns from the Tableau side...?

    Elle Morel

      There is a table below --


                     ScenarioName1    ScenarioName2     ScenarioName3     ScenarioName4   ScenarioName5


      SaleAmt1        $2M                      $7M

      SaleAmt2        $3M                      $9M

      SaleAmt3        $4M                      ...

      ScenarioTotal   $9M (???)


      ScenarioName is in COLUMN, and the SaleAmt1, SaleAmt2 & SaleAmt3 are the measured values in ROW -- all the fields are directly from SQL Server DB.


      My questions are -- 1) Is there anyway to insert "alternative" columns in the existing table b/w ScenarioName2 & ScenarioName3, b/w ScenarioName3 & ScenarioName4... to calculate the % difference based on the ScenarioName1 value, from the Tableau side? My initial thinking is no way to add an "alternative columns", as they are directly from the DB. But please advise.


      2) How to get the scenario total? I've tried to use Show Row Grand Totals or Show Column Grand Totals under the "Analysis" tab, but none of them gave me $9M. Did I miss anything on calculating the total, and how to get the total there? Please advise.



      Many thx for your inputs!!