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    Split Custom not working as defined

    Luis Coniglio

      Hi guys, I may be misunderstanding the definition of a Transform-Custom Split, but here is what my problem is:


      Dimension: 1000-SPC-LOW-RISK-TARGET


      I'm using the Transform-Custom Split option to get everything behind the first "-".  My set up is "-" then First with 2 columns.  Here is what I get:


      Split 1 = 1000

      Split 2 = SPC


      Why?  by definition using the first n should return SPC-LOW-RISK-TARGET but is not?  Have a miss something?  Thanks in advance for your help! Luis

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          Simon Runc

          hi Luis,


          So I wasn't actually aware of this behavior with the Split Function (although not used it that much), but it does make sense. If it did, as you thought it would, you wouldn't be able to write a Split 3...as the rest of the string, following the Split 1 would have been captured in Split 2...it would be confusing if the number of Split formulas affected the results of others. Also if you only wanted the SPC you wouldn't be able to do it with the Split function. In essence it's using the '-' separator (in your case) to tokenise out the parts and then uses the index to allow you to access which part you want.


          If you try this formula, you'll get the part you need

          RIGHT([String], LEN([String])-FIND([String],'-',1))


          Hope this helps

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            Luis Coniglio

            Thanks Simon, it worked like a champ!  Also thanks for explanation, which of course it makes sense as well!