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    Export to Excel Issue

    Naveen B

      Hi Tableau geeks,


      I added a calculated fields of containing '0' and '1' values to highlight a dimension to rows shelf.

      I made 1 as a dual axis and drag the required field to color the Dimension as based on the calculated fields.


      I am getting the output good as i required but when i publish the workbook to server and start exporting to excel the excel giving 'NULL' values because of using 0 and 1  Fields


      consider this example


      id    name profit

      ---   -------- ------

      a    123   xyz  (without using 0 and 1 fields i will get the output like this when export to Excel )



      id  name profit

      --  -------- -------

      a 123  NULL

      a 123  XYZ     ( by using 0 and 1 fields to color the profit (dim) after publishing server i am getting the excel output as like this giving 'NULL' for dummy field )


      Need a help regarding this issue?