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    Downloaded Image Has Colored Lines Appearing

    Alex Giglio



      I have a dashboard that is published to Tableau Server and looks fine. However, when we download an image of the dashboard there are random colored lines that are appearing on the containers. I have attached 2 images, one is a screenshot from Tableau when it is published on the server and another is when the image is downloaded using the process below where the line appear.


      For some more background we have an automated process that uses tabcmd and the export feature to download the images automatically. The downloaded images all contain these random lines and it is different but consistent each time. Below is an excerpt of the code where we call the command.



        foreach($dashboard in $dashboards) {

          $pos = $dashboard.IndexOf("/")

          $name = $dashboard.Substring($pos+1)

          $date = $(get-date -f MM-dd-yyyy_HH_mm_ss)

          $img = $name+"_"+$date

          .\tabcmd.exe export $dashboard --width 1600 --height 1720 --png -f "$folderPath\images\$img.png" --no-certcheck


          $imageNames.Add("$img", "$folderPath\images\$img.png")

          $attachNames += "$folderPath\images\$img.png"

          $imgShortNames += $img



      Any insight would be much appreciated and thanks in advance for the help!


      Thank you!