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    Table calculation and LOD

    Venkata Dantuluri

      HI all,

      I am using the superstore datasheet with the '2014' replaced by '2016' .

      The requirement is..

      Average of the  sum of sales of the previous 3 weeks. This is to be achieved for the last 3 weeks.

      If we are in week 0 then...


      Week(going backwards) --   sum(sales)

      1                                        --   10

      2                                       --     15

      3                                        --      20

      4                                      --       5

      5                                      --      15

      6                                      --      10


      What we need to achieve is  

      Week      --   Window_avg of sales

      1       --     13.33 = (15+20+5)/3

      2      --      13.33 =(20+5+15)/3

      3      --     10 = (5+15+10)

      We can achieve this for all the previous weeks. However, to show only the last weeks, I used the C.F...

      [ last 3 weeks]=[Order Date]>(DATETRUNC('week',today)-22)  in the filter and selected TRUE.... but that impacts the result set, expectedly.

      Some of you might suggest me to hide the weeks beyond the 3rd week, but I am looking for an alternate solution.

      Foll are the C.Fs that I have used.....

      Window_avg of sales=window_avg(sum(sales),-3,-1) and

      last 3 weeks=[Order Date]>(DATETRUNC('week',today)-22) which is placed in the filter.

      Please help!!

      PLease check the attached twbx file for a better picture.





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          Dan Sanchez

          Hello Venkata!


          I think all we need to do is just modify the formula used for the [last 3 weeks] filter to use this:


          LOOKUP(MIN([Order Date]), 0)>(DATETRUNC('week',TODAY())-22)


          By filtering with a table calc (the LOOKUP function) we are able to "filter" out the rows but still allow the WINDOW_AVG calc to reference them.  Table calc filters act more like hiding the rows instead of completely filtering them from the view.


          How does this look?


          3-10-2016 8-17-28 AM.png



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            Venkata Dantuluri

            HI Dan,


            Thank you very much.

            Just 1 more thing... can we also have the no: of reds and greens for each row.


            Thanks again.