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    Calculating Sum at particular date.

    ChandraSheker A

      Hi all,


      please refer to below pic

      I am looking to calculate the Sum of balance as of Max( funding date) as you can see in pic.


      the Less debit is calculated based on today. ie., current balance of the customer as of today.

      i wanted to see the current balance of customer as of max( funding day) . that means

      as of a transaction( T date) i wanted to see the Balance of customer for each deal.

      for example: in my transactional data i saw, as of the max( funding date) the deal 7656 Balance should be -6960.


      so wanted to achieve this with some logic with If or Lods i am not sure.

      i am using



      My Transactions are based on a Field called Dim T date. and wanted my calculation to display


      But i have to see the value as

      in above pic i am filtering T date placing in filter shelf to 2/25/2016 which is max( funding date) for that customer. to see actual balance on that date. you can see a value has changed.


      I cannot provide the data.

      Please let me know how to achieve this.