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    Synced quick filters on table

    Sonny Doan

      Hello all

      Running into a dilemma with my dashboard here

      I have a table with rows:columns that are 1:1, all unique, and all table cell values are unique, basically no need for a 'hierarchical' cascading filters. I have two quick filters (with different data types, geo, datetime, etc) that filter on one table, and looking to filter into one row. Aiming to get the filters to set/display relevant values but not exclude irrelevant ones. Its basically a data table, filtering on either quick filter will select one row. Aiming to build a dashboard where the user can use either filter in any order to filter out.

      I have tried creating parameters with a calculated field, action filters, and duplicating the data source but running into the same issue with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. thank you


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