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    Bringing Images from a Database into Tableau

    mano kumar

      Hi All,


      I have an interesting requirement in which our users want to see images of a product beside their Product Number.  So, the process would be to manually assign images to corresponding Product Numbers and bring that into shapes in marks pane to show images .

      But, I don't want to go that route because we have thousand's of products and I cannot manually assign every product image to it's product number. Also, these products are dynamic and they change every quarter. So,  I cannot go and manually assign them every quarter.


      So, we came to a  conclusion that we would be using a MongoDB(which supports images in it's database)  and add images in that particular database and bring them into tableau. So, My question here is Can we connect to MongoDB like any other databases? If so, Can we bring Image Datatypes (BLOBS I guess) into tableau as part of data source ?