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    Why don't use calculation to filter

    Trần Ngọc Sơn

      Hello everyone,


      i want to know everything exactly about today, ex: Sales, Profit, Running total sales today, just one dashboard ( Overview dashboard), and evey day i can see the same dashboard Overview.


      I want to have filter to choose day, the filter can update to today system.

      example: I choose Filter Today, The filer date is  (Now 3/9/2016) . I want to view Sales today ( 03/09/2016), Runing total sales to Day I choose in Filter ( all recored to 03/09/2016).

      When i choose Filter another day. The filter is a calender and I choose ( 01/01/2016). I want to view sales at day 01/01/2016. Runing total sales to Day 01/01/2016.


      And i try to slove my problem, but it don't easy.

      I have a big problem with the Parameter: Parameter don't update when i update data. I don't know what happen today through dashboard, just only history.

      And I have a big filter :My customer want the  filter is a calender, But running total don't right with filter, this only one date filter.


      I try to create calculated use filter date in workbook through parameter. But it don't work.

      Do you have idea to slove problem?