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    display service desk pending tieckets at any given time

    Xiaoyan Ma

      I am working on a report that displays service desk tickets that are open, resolved and pending at given time window (day, week, month).

      The data sheet looks this:


      NumberCallerStatusAssignment groupAssigned toCreatedResolved
      INC0017432John SmithClosed AccountsSue Lee2015-09-03 19:22:242015-10-13 09:55:59
      INC00221345Julie WongClosedStudentMatt Hong2015-07-01 16:38:302015-11-10 14:11:29
      INC00221345Sam KimClosedStudent Robert Rivas2015-02-23 16:43:272015-11-03 10:16:18


      I have re-arranged data as event type to display open and resolved at any given time.


      NumberCallerStatusAssigned GroupAssigned ToEvent Date Event TypeTotal
      INC0017432John SmithClosed AccountsSue Lee2015-09-03 19:22:24open1
      INC00221345Julie WongClosed StudentMatt Hong2015-07-01 16:38:30open1
      INC00221345Sam KimClosedStudent Robert Rivas2015-02-23 16:43:27open1
      INC0017432John SmithClosed AccountsSue Lee2015-10-13 09:55:59resolve-1
      INC00221345Julie WongClosedstudentMatt Hong2015-11-10 14:11:29resolve-1
      INC00221345Sam KimClosedStudent Robert Rivas2015-11-03 10:16:18resolve-1



      Now I need to add number of tickets pending at any given time, assigned to persons or group.   Any suggestions?