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    Think Data Thursday: Dating Rody

    Patrick Van Der Hyde

      Join us March 24 at 8:00 AM Pacific for the next Think Data Thursday:  Dating Rody


      For this Think Data Thursday, we will join Community Ambassador, Rody Zakovich to learn all about Dates and Tableau..


      Dates play a crucial role in many visualizations, BUT working with Dates in Tableau can present challenges in some instances. However, Tableau is extremely flexible and gives us the tools to overcome these obstacles to create great visualizations.

      This Think Data Thursday is going to be all about various issues that arise working with Dates, the methods to overcome them, and give a basic overview of why Tableau treats dates the way that it does.

      This will span from basic ideas (Like understanding Discrete vs Continuous Dates, and DATEPART vs DATETRUNC), all the way to more advanced topics (Like Relative Period to Date functions). We will also discuss DATE formatting tricks and some of the idiosyncrasies that go along with these techniques.


      Register today for this Think Data Thursday by clicking here. Mark your calendar and join us on this date with Rody - March 24th @ 8:00 AM Pacific


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      The YouTube Video for this event can be located here: Think Data Thursday Dating Rody - YouTube