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    Expand a basic date hierarchy to weeks -- and collapse again.

    Joe Oppelt

      Attached is an 8.2 superstore workbook.  Doesn't matter what version, and it doesn't matter what workbook.  I'm just posting this here to have a common file to work with.

      I want the user to expand the hierarchy from months to weeks and back again.



      I simply cannot make it work.

      Just putting the data straight on the columns shelf will let me expand from year to quarter to month -- and then it skips right to day.  I can go back and forth all day like that.  As I expand, I get new pills on the shelf.  All great, except for the ability to get to weeks.


      to get this to go from month to week I have to modify the data pill to Month--May-2011 in the lower portion of the pulldown.  Initially it changes the pill from blue to green (continuous), but I can change it back to discrete.  Doesn't matter if continuous or discrete, if I click the plus-sign to expand -- and yes, at this point it goes to WEEKS -- the month pill gets REPLACED by the WEEK pill, and I cannot collapse back to month except to hit the back arrow.


      I ran into this on 9.0, but it works this way on 9.2, on 8.2 ...  this must be expected behavior, but it's certainly not the behavior I would expect!


      What's going on with this?