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    Pros/Cons accessing vizzes via mobile (iPad or phone)


      Hi everyone,

      Someone in my organization has asked me about the pros/cons of working with Tableau on a mobile device.  Specifically, they're looking to publish items to a Tableau server, and then access on an iPad, but I wouldn't put it past people to access on a phone.


      I've searched around the interwebs to find issues and best practices, and things are rather lean.  I did find one article by the folks at InterWorks, and that had things like designing for the smallest screen you think will be accessing it, place all your filters at the top, always start with the highest level for drilldown purposes (using actions for those), remove your tooltips and use selectable labels instead.  While those are great design principles, I want to know what people's experiences are accessing Tableau server from a mobile device, or if you have suggestions (like "run, run far and fast from this") and why you are offering those suggestions.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Joe Oppelt

          You're right.  Best practices are lean for this.


          We are pushing users to consider iPad access (using the tableau app).  One of our missions is to break the internal paradigm so prevalent here -- carrying around reams of excel spreadsheets.  A dozen people will converge on a conference room or the boardroom lugging piles of multi-page spreadsheets to hand out.  Heck, by the time all the printing is done, the real-time data has already changed!



          So one by one we're training people how to access our workbooks on ipads.  By convention we design all dashboards using "ipad Landscape" as the initial size.  If someone accesses that on a desktop, it's still very usable there.


          Here's a good hint.  Don't use SLECT filter actions.  Always use MENU.  On an ipad there is no way to get a tooltip other than to touch the data mark, and if you have SELECT actions, the action triggers, and we never see a tooltip.  So use MENU.  Tooltip comes up, menu choices are there, and they can choose accordingly.  (Exception to that:  Some sheets are just little icons for the sake of actions.  "Click here to drill down..."  Those are OK for SELECT actions.)

          Our dream is for everyone to show up in the boardroom armed only with iPads, and the presenter can say, "Please select the Revenue dashboard to follow along..."  We'll pay for our Tableau license with our savings in printing costs alone!

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            Thanks, and I was thinking about that very thing when you posted.  I was also figuring if there were any filters that were absolutely necessary, they should be limited to one or two, and be at the very top of the visualization.  Limit the data that is being displayed, or make absolutely sure that the data the user needs is all that you have there. 


            Does anyone have any other good or bad things to say about accessing Tableau on mobile?