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    Action Filter not working properly

    Jaspreet Narang

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a dashboard which has 4 views - a list of programs, actual cost, budget cost and team members. I put a filter on programs and used the same filter in the other 3 views.Filter Action 1.PNG

      I created an action filter which is supposed to work in the following way -

      If I click on a program then the values(actual cost, budget cost and team members) should correspond to that program only. This seems to work easily.
      Filter Action 2.PNG

      The problem arises when I de-select the program. When I de-select my filter breaks and all values change as you can see below.
      Filter Action 3.PNG

      I looked into the cause and it seems like when I de-select, all values get selected in the filter that I applied before. I don't want that to happen. I don't want the action that I created to break the filter that I applied before.

      Filter Action 4.PNG



      How can I solve this issue ??


      I have attached the workbook also.


      Please help.