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    PowerPivot and Mapping (primary vs secondary datasource blending problem)

    Robindra Neogi

      I have recently tried to a powerpivot model as a datasource for tableau. I am very impressed with how it pulls through all the calculated measures and hierarchies. There is only one problem, mapping.


      It works fine when I have the map data and my other data in two separate Excel books, but when one of the sources is a powerpivot model I can no longer get the map to work.


      I have a custom map of UK administrative boundaries. I can create a relationship between the model and the map data source, but the model has to be primary. When I do this all of my measures are greyed out. I tried to add the map data to my powerpivot model outside of tableau, but this did not work either. Presumably this is because in the model the map data table is secondary, it cannot be primary as the field it relates to the other tables by has duplicate values.


      Are there any solutions to this problem?