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    Dates and drilldown

    Michael Weber

      So I am having an issue with dates and dashboard actions. I have two years of data (2014 and 2015). I have the data in a box and whisker as well as a time series. For the time series I have a line for both 2014 and 2015  riding along month. The problem is when select for example (April 2014) on the time series, the box and whisker shows data for April but for both 2014 and 2015 since "year" is not part of the box and whisker.


      If I bring year into the box and whisker the marks are automatically doubled. The marks are broken up by a dimension called "business unit". So if I bring year into the box and whisker it displays the marks twice. For example BUS UNIT 420  has a value of 3000.. If I bring year into the box and whisker it populates two marks for BUS 420. One of 2014 - 1700 and one for 2015 - 1300. They total 3000, but I do not want the marks broken down by year. However when I click on a specific year and month in the time series I want the box and whisker to filter by both the year and month instead of just month.


      How do I get around this?