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    Freeze data from a particular date

    Irfan Siddiqui

      I am working on a sheet that show a table (no graphics) and I am wondering if there is a way to freeze a date to use as reference date. For example I have data from

      2016-01-01, Data1







      Is it possible to keep the data from 2016-01-01 as a reference point. This way if I show week to date or month to date, first column is always frozen to 2016-01-01.




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          Joe Oppelt

          Trying to understand what you're looking for...


          Do you want to show a table where the first column shows data for the "freeze date", and then all the other columns are for the selected range?  So maybe you show Jan 15, 2016 in the first column, and then month-to-date days for march in the other columns?  (So no other January data on the sheet.  No February data on the sheet.)


          If so, you can have a calc that does something like this:


          IF [date] = [freeze date] // (assuming you've stored the freeze date in some calc or parameter

          OR ([date] >= [beginning of range] and [date] <= [end of range])


          [measure field you are using]



          This will load the measure value only for those rows that fit the range or the freeze date.  (Be sure to consider what you want to do if the freeze date is in the middle of the selected range!)  And those rows that do not fit the criteria will have NULL value.


          Then if you put that calc on the rows shelf instead of the actual [measure field], and if your date pill on the columns shelf is discrete, you'll just get date columns for the dates you want to see.