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    Filtering with medians

    Dan Winnowski

      Hi. I'm trying to use the measure name selected on the filter to feed a bar chart.

      Works fine with sum but when I change the measure value to median it removes the measure name filter altogether.

      Been trying to figure this out and haven't been able to figure it out, any ideas?

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          Steve Mayer

          Tableau likes to remove the Measure Values setup when you have only one Measure value, but there are ways to get around it. One way to do this is to set the default aggregation of the Measure to (in your case), the Median, as in the screen shot below (I'm using the Sales Measure in the Superstore data).


          Then drag this Measure on to the Measure values shelf, so that you have 2 measures on the shelf like this:

          Finally, go to the Measure Names on the Filter shelf, and uncheck SUM(Sales). You should be left with Measure Values with just the MEDIAN on there.

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            Dan Winnowski

            Thanks... looks like that did the trick!