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    Determine Published Data sources without any associated Workbook


      Hi Tableau Gurus!!

      I am Tableau Server admin with 7000+ published reports. We have a Self-Serve model where Publisher publish their own content. To have better control and check & balance on published content, I want to put a process in which we could periodically Identify all Published Data sources which do not have any associated Workbook i-e data source may be being Refreshed without being used.


      Cleaning up these kind of data sources will definitely help us a lot by freeing up system resources.


      I am feeling challenged to find how to get this info from workgroup/postgres db. Couldn’t find any relationship between Datasource and Workbooks.


      Need something like following;


      Data Source Name # of Workbooks (or Workbook name)

      ABC 2 (or XYZ/XYZ1)


      Can you please help us with this.