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    Different Solid/Dotted Pattern Lines for AM/PM route in a map for several persons

    Sangeetha Venkatachalam



      I'm bit new to tableau and has just started creating my own tableau report in Desktop 9.2.


      I have a requirement explained below,

      I'm tracking TO and FROM route of several people from Office to Home and Home to Office based on Time. When im plotting a map using the Longitude and Latitude in Tableau map im assigning COLOR based on Person. This shows same color for the AM as well as PM route of a person in Solid lines. But i want to change this, for the AM route that is Home to Office show in Solid Line of Green Color. For the PM route that is Office to Home show in Dotted Line of Green Color. Is this doable in Tableau? So that i can assign one color to Person and get Solid/Dotted line for AM/PM route.


      Please help me if you have an idea for this.


      Thank you



      Thanks for you reply. Im attaching a sample data for a single person ABC. Now i have differentiate AM/PM with different legends Red and Green Color. Now i want to change this to Red Color with Solid Line for AM and Dotted Line for PM route.