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    How to make % increase or decrease

    Bin Xiao

      Dear all,


      I want to achieve something like followings:


      Step 1. Count the number of activity in a time frame (filter, could be 7 days, 10 days, 14 days, etc.)   --- I know how to do this part


      Step 2. Calculate the percentage change: compare the count from this time frame to last time frame (for example, if my filter was 2 days, then compare the count this 2 days (March 7 and March 6)  to last 2 days (March 5 and March 4).


      Step3: If the percentage is up, I need to mark that number as red and have that up arrow; If the percentage is down, I need to mark that number as green and have that down arrow


      Thank you very very much for your help!