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    Using a previous partition in the formula but not showing it in the date range

    Roxana Tudor



      I want to calculate the Daily % change of the price units based on each calendar day. The formula is fine, but I'm using also a dinamically date range in order for users to select the wanted period of the report.


      I'm facing with the following isuse:


      I would like to select the date starting with 1 February 2009 and see only the data that I'm interested in. The problem is that in order to have the % change correct calculated I have to insert as Start Date 31 January 2009 in order for Tableau to know the previous value.



      If I insert as Start Date 1 February 2009, the data is not correct calculated (see below screenschot)



      Can anyone help me with this, please?

      I have attached also a draft of the workbook.


      Thank you!