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    Tableau -Google Analytics data calculation issue

    stanford sequeira

      I sync my GA data with tableau pro and have been trying to calculate/convert  Avg .View time on page into seconds/minutes from Seconds. I have used this formula


      [Time on Page]/([Pageviews]-[Exits]     and this total divided by 86,400.  and used the hh:mm:ss format too.


      Still didnt work entirely well.


      My issue - some numbers are converted correctly and match with GA & for some for the others its incorrect. Can someone please help? How can I get my data to display in tableau exactly as in GA in terms of true representation eg - If in GA it shows 1:24 avg time , I want to show the same in tableau.


      see No.1 in GA and in tableau - it shows differently in both 5 & 8 seconds, the rest appear correctly. I don't know why this issue. (I refreshed stats in tableau, even then the same issue)


        Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.02.26 PM.png





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